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Saint Jean Hulst - Versailles - Établissement privé catholique d’enseignement sous contrat avec l’État

Établissement privé catholique d’enseignement sous contrat avec l’État


L'international à Saint Jean

Welcome to Saskia and Nicholas !

We are pleased to welcome two British students who are taking a gap year to have an experience abroad.

Saskia Mair and Nicholas Lees will be able to join classes to improve their French and they will also help the English teachers during English classes. Furthermore they will take part in different activities such as a reading contest or an « English table » at the canteen ...


Saskia Mair and Nicholas Less

Here is a short account of the interview I had with them :

Karine Le Guével :Is it your first time abroad ? Where else have you been ? ( what for ?)
Saskia Mair :I've been abroad before - to France on holiday, and on school trips. I've also been to Spain, Italy, Amsterdam and Barbados.
Nicholas Lees : I have been fortunate enough to travel to several places in the world including Australia, America, Hong Kong and parts of Europe. However this is my first time staying abroad without my family, so I am very excited to experience the French way of life and culture during my visit.

Karine Le Guével : What are your motivations for the Gap-Year project at Saint Jean Hulst ?
Saskia Mair :I want to improve my French (which I studied at school). I'm also really looking forward to meeting new people, seeing a new town and getting to see and experience some more French culture!
Nicholas Lees : I have always been keen to learn French and now I have left school, I would like to continue my understanding of the langage. During my time at Saint Jean Hulst, I aim to develop my language skills and also improve my ability to work with other people of different ages such as the teachers and the students.

Karine Le Guével :Have you already had an experience with children or teenagers ?
Saskia Mair :Yes - I've volunteered with young people for choir and theatre projects, both at school and over the last couple of years.
Nicholas Lees : Yes, but not to the same extent as teaching in a school ! I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews so I have some experience with young children. I have also helped out at my school with various sporting events for the younger students.

Karine Le Guével :What are your hobbies ?
Saskia Mair :In my spare time I enjoy reading, art, theatre, music, cooking and swimming.
Nicholas Lees : Throughout my school life sport has always been one of my favourite hobbies to take part in. I enjoy all sports, especially rugby, hockey and cricket which I hope to continue into the future. I also like to stay active by going to the gym with my friends.

Karine Le Guével :Can you speak about your studies and your future projects ?
Saskia Mair :I've just finished university where I studied English Language and Literature for three years. After my time at Saint Jean Hulst I would like to pursue a career in publishing or teaching.
Nicholas Lees : In June 2016 I took my A-Level exams in Biology, Geography and French. After my time in France I hope to do some travelling before embarking on my university studies where I would like to study Biology, perhaps as a joint honours, combined with French.

By Karine Le Guével,
​English Teacher, in charge of the International at Saint Jean Hulst.